With all the data generated by learners, Domoscio’s solutions analyze and display user-friendly dashboards presenting insightful data and predictions.

Making the most of data

During an online learning program learners log into a platform and follow a path that generates data: progress, time spent, path travelled, percentage of correct answers… Learning analytics aim to understand the learners progress, based on the exploitation of the various collected data concerning learners and the analysis of their behavior during their learning course.

The information and feedback are useful for users to follow their progression but it is also useful for, teachers, instructors or managers: they can follow user’s skill level, know which are the more efficient resources, what kind of activity to choose, which user is outperforming, etc.  This feedback can be materialized by a graph, a dashboard or other type of visualization.

Domoscio’s Learning Analytics include two engines:

Visualisation engine

Mine data and display insightful dashboards to help the different users to better drive efficiency.

Predictive analytics engine

Predict “outliers” or predetermined triggers to alert the different users and manage their learning process.


  • Get analysis and feedback on content

    • Analytics on how the content is used
    • Feedback on the level and difficulty of the content
    • Quantify content quality and relevance
    • Anticipate content creation
  • For learners, teachers, managers…

    • Engine dedicated to produce alerts and take action
    • Follow individual and group progress
    • Match and reorganize your resources and learners
    • Measure the efficiency of learning
  • Connect and analyze data

    • Use data from different sources
    • Make use of historical data
    • Get the real learning outcomes
    • Manage learning objectives and goals

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