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Introducing Domoscio Spark

A product which adapts to your needs. An in-depth integration in your educational solution. A support to explore the potential of artificial intelligence.

Improve educational outcomes by individualizing learning experiences.
Consolidate acquired knowledge and skills and drive their long-term retention.
Continuously assess students’ level of proficiency with a skills-based approach.
Enhance the learning design and monitor the impacts of your educational content.
Adapt your teaching actions with a better understanding of the learners’ profiles.


5 independent modules to improve your educational environment

Domoscio Spark
Smart Tutoring
  • Individualize students’ learning paths according to their level and profile
  • Suggest the most adapted learning materials and activities based on each student’s needs
  • Take into account the students’ learning pace and goals to support their progress
Domoscio Spark
Spaced Repetition
  • Improve knowledge retention through reminders sent at the right moment
  • Adapt the learning experience according to the forgetting curve of each student
  • Better prepare students for examinations with an adapted revision plan over time
Domoscio Spark
Adaptive Assessment
  • Implement an assessment strategy based on a knowledge or skills map
  • Assess efficiently and accurately students’ level of proficiency on target concepts
  • Challenge students by adapting the difficulty of questions according to their results
Domoscio Spark
Content Intelligence
  • Analyze learning data to identify the content with the best impact on students’ progress
  • Update automatically the relative difficulty of each content according to students’ results
  • Highlight activities which need to be redesigned in order to improve their efficiency
Domoscio Spark
Learning Analytics
  • Display key indicators about students’ learning profiles and level of proficiency
  • Follow over time the knowledge retention of students on target concepts
  • Support decision making for educational stakeholders with analytics and artificial intelligence

Our clients improve their learning outcomes

Domoscio Spark
37 %

Time saved to acquire the expected knowledge

Domoscio Spark
98 %

Students have acquired the concepts after two remediations

The results presented above have been achieved as part of experimental protocols carried out with several clients of Domoscio.

They trust us

Domoscio has convinced key players of the educational market such as ministries, academic institutions and publishers. Domoscio Spark integrates with educational platforms implemented on a large scale. We work closely with local players to conduct these projects successfully.

Contact us for more information

“You have an educational project and wish to implement one or several modules of Domoscio Spark? You want to include AI-powered solutions as part of your answer to a call for proposals? You want to schedule a demo or receive a quote? Please feel free to contact our sales team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Louise Michel, Head of Product Marketing