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The future of learning is adaptive : Domoscio acquisition by Rise Up

In the ever-evolving landscape of Learning and Development, integrating adaptive learning into Learning Management Systems (LMS) represents a significant revolution. This approach enables the real-time personalization of learning paths, thereby providing more effective and targeted training. Let’s take a closer look at how adaptive learning is transforming the learning experience through LMS platforms.

Adaptive learning for LMS platforms : the benefits

Integrating adaptive learning into an LMS platform offers significant advantages that revolutionise the traditional learning approach: 

1 – Customization of learning paths : adaptive learning allows for the creation of tailored learning paths that adapt to each learner’s unique characteristics, such as their initial skill level and professional or academic goals. This personalised approach ensures that each learner receives exactly what they need to progress effectively, maximising not only learning but also satisfaction and long-term knowledge retention.

2 – Time optimization : by adapting training modules to precisely target skill gaps, adaptive learning significantly reduces the time needed to achieve training goals. Learners no longer waste time on skills they already master. This increased efficiency is crucial in professional environments where time is often a limited resource.

3 – Enhanced engagement : adaptive learning paths are designed to actively engage learners. Through techniques such as gamification, instant feedback, and challenges tailored to the learner’s current abilities, adaptive learning maintains a high level of interest and motivation. This results in better participation and increased engagement, which is essential for knowledge retention and performance improvement.

These benefits make adaptive learning a powerful complement to LMS platforms, transforming the learning experience into a dynamic, user-centred process capable of effectively meeting the needs of both learners and organisations. A recent strategic alliance between two players in EdTech, a leading LMS in the European market and a French expert in adaptive learning, promises a forthcoming revolution in the learning landscape.

Two major players in learning join forces : Domoscio and Rise Up


Founded in 2013, Domoscio is a French EdTech company that combines Cognitive Sciences, Smart Data, and Artificial Intelligence to foster the development and maintenance of skills. The company offers two solutions for learning stakeholders, from primary education to corporate training:

  • Domoscio Hub, to individualise learning paths based on each learner’s profile and needs.
  • Domoscio Lock, to support the sustainable maintenance of acquired skills through learning reinforcement.

Rise Up 

Established in 2014, Rise Up is an innovative professional training platform that transforms the learning experience for trainers, administrators, and learners. With a diverse offering including e-learning, in-person training, and mobile solutions, Rise Up provides a comprehensive solution including LMS (Learning Management System), LXP (Learning Experience Platform), LRS (Learning Record Store), LCMS (Learning Content Management System), and mobile services.

Since its inception, the company has experienced impressive growth, doubling its revenue and workforce each year. It now has over 100 employees, more than 5 million active learners in 73 countries, and collaborates with 510 prestigious clients such as AXA, Schneider Electric, Domino’s, and Decathlon.

Rise Up has also raised significant funds for its expansion in Europe, including €30 million in 2022 and €8 million in 2024 from BU Tech of La Banque Postale, BNP, HSBC, CIC, and Memo Bank.

Recognized for its ability to integrate cutting-edge technologies, the Rise Up platform offers tailored training solutions, facilitating the creation, management, and tracking of training for increasingly effective and user-centric learning paths.

Domoscio and Rise Up : personalization as you’ve never experienced before

Rise Up reached a significant milestone in April 2024 with the acquisition of Domoscio, a French company expert in adaptive learning. This strategic alliance promises to enrich Rise Up’s offering by enabling an even smoother integration of its platform with existing training and human resources ecosystems. This acquisition will also allow Domoscio’s products to continue evolving to meet market needs, while offering an expanded range of services to its current clients in the future.

The future of learning is adaptive

Domoscio’s Plug-and-Play applications integrated into Rise Up’s LMS : what innovations ?

Integrating Domoscio’s innovative solutions into Rise Up’s ecosystem will enable companies to better assess learners’ skill gaps compared to their specific business requirements. This precise assessment is essential for creating personalised and automated learning paths that are not only tailored to individual needs but also aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives. Moreover, this synergy offers the ability to monitor learners’ progress in real time, an advancement that facilitates the continuous adjustment of learning paths and the integration of new skills.

Domoscio’s innovations are distinguished by three major advancements:

  • Precisely measuring learners’ skill gaps compared to their business goals.
  • Automating the creation of personalised learning paths that specifically address identified gaps.
  • Consolidating knowledge through memorization anchoring, promoting better retention and lasting memorization of key concepts acquired in training.

This acquisition marks a decisive turning point for Rise Up and Domoscio, as they continue to shape the future of education together by integrating technological innovation at the heart of their solutions.

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