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Domoscio wins the Mob’Tech

Margaux Daza |

In May, Eurogroup Consulting launched a new season of its competition Mob’Tech. Domoscio won the contest alongside Beedeez, Bloomin, Immersive Experience and Les Feux d’Optimisme.

Our ambition

“We are in a key period for our growth and we are committed to building partnerships to consolidate our position in the value chain of digital transformation. We hope that this acceleration partnership will enable us to be closer to our clients and the consultants who support them. We want to make this partnership a two-way growth vector. In fact, if we benefit from development levers thanks to Eurogroup Consulting, the implementation of our tools and the related change management also represent a business opportunity for our partners.” Benoit Praly, Founder and CEO of Domoscio.

The end of 2019 is considered with optimism and dynamism. We will be proud to communicate very soon on the release of the new version of our platform supporting our products. With a strong team built around an AI expertise, we are ready to accelerate the large-scale implentation of our solutions to promote their adoption. Domoscio’s objectives for 2019 are therefore ambitious with a business development plan based on the establishment of strategic partnerships and new technological innovations.

The competition

The Mob’Tech’s challenge is to detect and encourage the adoption of new innovative approaches to allow companies undergoing transformations to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

  • How to attract and retain talents who matches your values and needs?
  • How to identify faster and earlier the needs in support and training for employees?
  • How to anticipate faster changes in the jobs and skills needs of tomorrow, in a more collaborative way and more in line with the market realities?