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Top 5 skills to be developed in companies by 2023

In an ever-changing world, companies need to adapt quickly to new trends and technologies. To remain competitive, they must invest in employee training. In 2023, certain training themes will stand out as essential for business development. Here are the top 5 skills to focus on this year :

Digital skills

The digital domain is booming, and impacting all business sectors. Companies need to train their employees to use digital tools and gain the skills needed to succeed in this new environment. This includes mastery of social media, knowledge of project management platforms, use of data creation and analysis software, as well as an understanding of new technological trends such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Comprehensive digital training will enable employees to optimize their productivity and add value to the company.

Leadership skills

Leadership development is crucial to a company’s growth and success. Leadership skills go beyond simple team management and include the ability to inspire, motivate and guide employees. Leadership training should cover topics such as effective communication, conflict management, strategic decision-making, change management and the development of problem-solving skills. By investing in leadership training, companies can develop managers and leaders capable of directing their teams towards the achievement of set objectives.

Diversity and inclusion skills

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important topics in the professional world. Companies need to create inclusive environments that value diversity of perspectives and experiences. Training employees on diversity and inclusion issues is essential to promote a respectful and equitable corporate culture. Training in this area can cover topics such as raising awareness of unconscious bias, managing diversity within teams, promoting equal opportunities and combating discrimination. By investing in such training, companies can foster the creation of diverse teams and enhance their reputation with employees and customers alike.

Cybersecurity skills

With cyber-attacks and online threats on the increase, cybersecurity has become a major concern for businesses. Training employees to adopt good IT security practices is crucial to protect company data and confidential information. Cybersecurity training can cover topics such as risk awareness, password protection, detection of phishing attempts, identity and access management, and compliance with data protection regulations. Solid training in cybersecurity enables employees to become responsible players in the protection of the company’s sensitive information.

Management skills

Managers play an essential role in the smooth running of a company. It is therefore important to invest in their professional development. Management training can cover skills such as time management, strategic planning, complex problem solving, stress management, interpersonal communication and team management. By enhancing managers’ skills, companies can improve operational efficiency, foster a positive corporate culture and increase employee satisfaction.


In conclusion, companies need to focus on these five training themes in 2023 to remain competitive in an ever-changing world. Digital training, leadership development, promoting diversity and inclusion, cyber-security awareness and improving management skills are all key to business success and growth. By investing in employee training, companies can not only position themselves advantageously in the market, but also attract and retain top talent.