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The Domoscio Lock mobile application is evolving: what’s new?

Margaux Daza |

Domoscio Lock, the AI solution which drives the long-term retention of skills, has a new look on its mobile version: in what follows, let’s have an overview of the new functionalities available and to come, and see what are their impact on improving the user experience.

Mobile learning: learning everywhere at anytime

Mobile learning is a concept whereby the act of learning is no longer geographically limited or subject to access restrictions. In practice, this includes the use of mobile devices such as digital tablets or smartphones as learning tools, to learn throughout the day and wherever you are.

With the popularity of these tools in both the private and professional spheres – 74% of employees already use their personal smartphones to search for information useful for work1 – their success in learning was predictable. In addition, mobile learning allows users to access information whenever they need it without difficulty, and to find concise information: the user learns “little by little”, defined as micro-learning, thanks to short, playful learning content. In addition, micro-learning type content combined with gaming attributes (answering quizzes, obtaining badges following progress, etc.) as well as strategic use of mobile notifications, promote interactivity and increase the employee’s long-term commitment.

In terms of learner experience, mobile learning offers many advantages: in addition to flexibility of use and ease of access to content, the user is an actor in his learning process and chooses the best time or times to learn, allowing him to better manage his learning and working time. In theory, mobile learning in companies is only suitable for people equipped with a business phone, because an employee cannot be asked to download and use an application on his personal phone. However, we observe that the use of private smartphones in the professional context has become highly democratized2: the BYOD (Bring your own device) phenomenon is symptomatic of this. Therefore, in practice, a well-designed mobile learning device can be widely deployed in the company since some employees will play the game on their personal phones.

Domoscio Lock: ensuring that skills are maintained and put into practice, both on the web and on cell phones

Domoscio Lock ensures that the knowledge and skills acquired in learning are maintained over the long term and encourages their application in the field. The tool is based on reinforcement technologies to offer each employee automatic “coaching” as a complement to the learning process, thanks to personalized reminders adapted to their needs. This individualization is made possible thanks to an algorithm, based on research in cognitive sciences, which analyzes the data of each person in order to estimate in a dynamic way their capacity to retain the notions.

Once the learning session has been completed (face-to-face, remote or blended), learners are notified when they have a reminder, and are invited to answer a question for each essential notion. Based on its results for each question, the algorithm calculates a next reminder for each notion to be reinforced. Lock is then able to measure the forgetting curve of each one, creating a real post-learning support with personalized and spaced quizzes according to the user’s cognitive profile.

Using the mobile application, the employee receives his reminder in the form of push notifications that he can consult at any time. The application is available on Android and iOS and allows him to answer to his questions directly on his smartphone. These short reinforcement sessions, offering the employee the right reminder at the right time, are particularly compatible with nomadic and autonomous use, made possible by the use of the solution on mobile devices. From the trainer’s or manager’s point of view, different analytics are available to measure the efficiency of the consolidation on the retention of the knowledge and skills of the employees, and to make the link with their performance: level of consolidation on the target concepts, degree of progression, engagement rate…

Upgrade of the Domoscio Lock mobile application for an augmented learning experience

Building on this success, the Domoscio Lock mobile application has recently been upgraded to support an optimal learning experience. On the one hand, the interface design has been redesigned to increase user engagement, and new possibilities for personalizing the graphical environment are now available. On the other hand, functionalities existing on the web version of Lock have been added to the mobile version, such as new question formats that will enrich the reinforcement over the long-term.

The learner will also be able to consult the historical record of his actions via a personalized news feed. He will have access to various dashboards allowing him to follow his level of reinforcement on the target notions, his success, his progress, etc. On the gaming side, badges will be attributed to him according to his results and his commitment to the tool, to encourage him to carry on with his reinforcement experience.

In conclusion, Domoscio Lock in its mobile version addresses a twofold challenge: on the one hand, the commitment of the learner thanks to a playful solution, entirely individualized and available in “pocket” format, in line with current digital uses. On the other hand, it optimizes the skills development to support their practical application, by automatically targeting each employee’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Source1 : according to Beedeez, a company specialized in mobile learning solutions.

Source2 : according to a PwC study “Millenials at work – Reshaping the workplace“.