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REX AG2R La Mondiale : the impact of Domoscio Adaptive Learning after 1.5 years

Evan Friburg |

Launched at the end of 2020, the collaboration between AG2R La Mondiale and Domoscio will soon celebrate its second anniversary. As part of this collaboration, AG2R La Mondiale has deployed the Domoscio Hub adaptive learning solution to its Commercial Campus, with the aim of optimising time spent by its advisors on learning. After a pilot phase, the system is now in operation: Here are the results…

A challenge to optimise the learning of advisers

At the beginning of this project, AG2R La Mondiale identified a clear problem: to be effective in their jobs, advisors need to acquire knowledge which is specific to the insurance sector and commercial skills. But the time an advisor spends in learning means time away from clients, meaning there’s a portion of time where the advisor isn’t generating revenue.

For AG2R La Mondiale, the challenge was to ensure that every advisor had sufficient proficiency in key knowledge and skills, and to improve the reinforcement of knowledge over time, while respecting the regulatory framework specific to the insurance sector, such as the Directive on Insurance Distribution.

 With the aim of optimising skills development, AG2R La Mondiale chose to implement an adaptive learning system to evaluate the skills of each individual and adapt the learning paths accordingly. Based on the principle that advisors have heterogeneous profiles – depending on their past experience, their learning, their ability to rapidly acquire new skills, etc. Adaptive learning aims to provide a better understanding of the individual’s skills and to adapt learning programmes accordingly to position each person’s level of competence in order to highlight their areas of progress and suggest remedial teaching content.

screen learning path
Example of a learning pathway that an AG2R learner needs to follow in order to improve his or her skills

A pilot to demonstrate the impacts of our service…

The deployment of Domoscio was carried out in two phases: a pilot phase and a run phase. The objectives of the pilot phase were as follows:

  1. To increase the skills of AG2R La Mondiale’s learning team in terms of learning engineering related to adaptive learning
  2. To validate the integration of Domoscio into the tools already in place, and in particular into the CrossKnowledge LMS
  3. To demonstrate the impact of the system in terms of optimising skills development

After identifying a scope for this pilot – the Beginning Advisors’ Course – the learning team designed an initial adaptive learning experience with the help of a Domoscio expert. This experience was then uploaded to the AG2R La Mondiale LMS to launch a three-month experiment. After three months, the pilot phase revealed two main indicators:

  • 90% of advisers have completed their assessment, which enables the adviser AND his manager to obtain a precise view of his level of competence in relation to the job expectations
  • 91% of the learning content recommended to the advisors was actually followed, which demonstrates a strong commitment on their part to their individualized path, and ensures their skills are enhanced

…Followed by a larger-scale deployment phase

Once the pilot phase had been validated, the run phase could begin, with the aim of deploying the same system to all the counsellors concerned and broadening the scope in terms of skills and themes: each adviser must be able to benefit from a tailor-made path to acquire all the knowledge and skills that are needed for their job.

To move into the run phase, two elements remained to be put in place:

  • Domoscio’s learning team to create adaptive learning experiences corresponding to other skills and themes (social security, inheritance, customer relations, etc.)
  • Access to the functional support service, so questions regarding the service could be answered by the Domoscio team.

What are the results 1.5 years after the launch of the project?

While the adaptive learning project was launched a year and a half ago, and the run phase, a year ago, AG2R La Mondiale comments: “Once the design and architecture of the content had been completed, we found an internal organisation to enable each of our advisors to benefit from a totally individualised skills development plan. The Campus Pro Commercial team is autonomous in the day-to-day management of the system. From the creation of adaptive learning paths to their deployment, including the monitoring of statistics – and the Domoscio team is responsive to our questions”. (Aurélie Besnard, Head of Business Learning Paths).

Example of statistics available to the manager: level of competence of advisors on a given theme

And the results obtained in the pilot phase are always met or exceeded! As an example, the last class of counsellors who participated in an adaptive learning experience in February 2022 showed the following results:

  • 89% of the advisers completed all their actions during their adaptive learning experience (positioning questionnaire and follow-up of recommendations)
  • 100% of the recommendations for learning content were followed by the advisers

Aurélie Besnard adds: “With Domoscio, the success rate and the reinforcement of each of the key skills has increased. The employee knows where he or she needs to progress and, for each skill not acquired, he or she has direct access to the content that will help him or her to develop the skill. All of this is done in complete autonomy and without having to search for the appropriate content within the Campus Pro Commercial.”