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Enedis has chosen Domoscio and Beedeez to upskill its Managers

Evan Friburg |

A year ago, Enedis added an intelligent solution to its learning environment for managers, already composed of an LMS and the mobile learning solution Beedeez. Here is a feedback on the past year…

What are the learning challenges for managers?

At Enedis (a large company which manages electric power distribution), managers are right at the heart of the transformation of jobs. They are trained to acquire the technical skills and the knowledge related to process and tools to establish their legitimacy and appreciate the ability of their team to perform safe interventions.

The number of managers to train and the diversity of profiles make it necessary to automatically individualize learning paths while taking advantage of the different learning methodologies which the company’s catalog has to offer. This course catalog includes classroom training and e-learning with more and more micro-learning suited for a mobile use.

How the mobile learning solution Beedeez is used

As in many other companies, Enedis’ learning and development department is subject to different constraints like the lack of time, mobility or fast changing skills, which makes the learning approach more complex. Beedeez provides an experience which gives managers a fast and simple access to development modules. This experience boosts and optimizes learning: the mobile application SmartCampus, created by Beedeez and implemented by Enedis, adapts to the context of managers by using micro-learning and gamification, with short sessions (between three and five minutes) mixing varied content and interactions (quiz, challenge between peers, etc.).

The instructors at Enedis have access to an authoring tool which they use in complete autonomy: they gain in agility and they can meet the upskilling needs of managers faster. A survey carried out with the employees of Enedis showed that SmartCampus has high engagement rates because the modules are short and gamified and the solution allows to acquire knowledge anywhere, anytime.

How data helps in designing intelligent paths

To meet the challenge of individualization, Enedis has implemented Domoscio Hub to provide managers with a tailored learning path. The objective is to automatize skills-based approaches and optimize the time spent in learning. Hub’s first functionality is a positioning test to assess the managers’ individual level of proficiency. According to the managers’ profile and skills gap, Hub designs a path with recommendations of adapted learning modules to make sure they learn only what they need to learn.

For Enedis, the interest is to centralize the entire course catalog in a same tool, then redirects the manager to the right platform according to the recommended content: the LMS or SmartCampus depending on the type of learning material. At the end of the learning path, the manager’s proficiency is reassessed to measure their upskilling process. Domoscio’s artificial intelligence algorithms estimate the impact of the recommendations on the managers’ progress and identify more optimal paths for the different typologies of learners.

Complementary solutions for the learner experience

Domoscio and Beedeez allow to address the managers’ individual learning needs and to learn in autonomy when they choose to, which enhances their engagement in their learning path. As they are integrated with the existing environment, they provide the learner with a seamless and transparent experience.

Besides, the L&D teams have their own interface with dashboards to monitor learning, both individually and collectively, and identify potential learning actions to implement.