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Benoit Praly, CEO of Domoscio, talks about the strategic partnership with Syfadis! 

Benoit Praly |

A few days ago, we were announcing with a press release our new strategic partnership with Syfadis, a Learning Management System (LMS) provider. 

It is a great pleasure for the team Domoscio and a personal pride to associate our two brands to meet the expectations and needs of the market. I am more than optimistic when I see the quality of the business relationship and the technological synergies between our two companies.

About this alliance 

As a reminder, this partnership will enable Domoscio’s products to be integrated into Syfadis’ solutions. With this integration, in Syfadis, the learner’s path will be built through recommendations of learning materials adapted to the skills objectives of each employee. Once the recommendations have been followed, the algorithm reassesses the learner to measure his or her progress and, if needed, recommends new learning materials. For Domoscio, this partnership is an opportunity to increase the implementation of our solutions on a platform used by more than 3.5 million learners.

In a world where technology is progressing quickly, all jobs are impacted in terms of processes, expertise and production. To meet these challenges, learning and development departments must evolve. Offering optimized learning in line with job requirements, management practices and emerging skills requires the addition of individualization functionalities in learning platforms. This is the spirit of our partnership with Syfadis: combining the sturdiness and performance of e-learning solutions with Domoscio’s innovation and adaptive learning technology. I also appreciate the attitude of our partner who endeavours to create a balanced strategic partnership. Indeed, the alliance of our technologies will allow us to address the real challenges of our customers. 

The trust needed for the implementation of this partnership is rewarded by the quality of the result. I would personally like to thank Laurent Delaporte, President of Syfadis, for his involvement in this project which seems so natural to me. I would also like to thank the teams of Domoscio and Syfadis in charge of the integration work who have guaranteed the quality of the joint product. 

You can contact our teams to find out more!