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Domoscio and 5Feedback: a partnership to better assess and develop soft skills

Evan Friburg |

Here we are: the solutions Domoscio and 5Feedback are integrated and ready to be implemented! With this technological and business partnership between the two companies, every corporation can now combine the benefits of peer feedback and adaptive learning to assess the behavioral skills of its employees and enhance their development in an individualized way.

1. Soft skills at the core of the organization

Whether we are talking about behavioral skills, soft skills or personal qualities, one thing is certain: they are essential to improve collaboration, innovation and performance at work. Technical skills alone are no longer enough. A few weeks ago, Forbes published a ranking of the 15 soft skills to have in a work environment. These skills include, for example, communication, problem solving and time management.

It is important to be aware that these skills can be acquired by an employee. Their assimilation is usually a slower process compared to technical skills and can be achieved in personal life, professional life, training… or a combination of all three. For example, although there are courses to learn how to be a good communicator, communication skills will be better developed by an individual if he or she practices and strives to communicate well in his or her personal and professional life.

2. Encourage a feedback culture to assess soft skills

The difficulty with soft skills is that they are harder to assess in an organization. A quiz is very useful for assessing theoretical knowledge but not suitable for behavioral skills. A self-assessment test is also biased since it is the employees who estimate the level they think they have. And an evaluation by the manager, although much more adapted to this type of skills, is sometimes subjective and represents the opinion of only one person.

With 5Feedback, employees’ soft skills are assessed by their work environment through precise feedback on observable behaviors. From a mobile application, each user can request feedback from the people with whom he or she works on a daily basis: they are then notified that their feedback is requested on one or more skills. The employees who make the request are already in the process of measuring their behavioral skills and will be able to know themselves better, identify strengths and weaknesses. From their dashboard, they have a clear view of the soft skills or behaviors they need to develop. 

3. Develop technical skills in an individualized way

This is where adaptive learning comes in. It matches the skills needs of each employee with the most adapted learning solution. With Domoscio, the company can define the levels of proficiency to be achieved by its employees for each skill. The expected level will sometimes be the same for all employees but, for some skills, different levels can be defined for different jobs: for example, a salesperson may be expected to have excellent communication skills, whereas a technical job where employees do not interact with customers may not expect such a high proficiency.

The gap between the assessment of employees’ soft skills and the proficiency expected in their position represents their development needs. From their learning platform, each person can then benefit from an individualized development plan thanks to Domoscio: it recommends to employees the learning materials, existing in the company’s course catalogue, which will enable them to develop just the skills where their proficiency is insufficient.

4. What the integration between Domoscio and 5Feedback consists in?

The partnership between the two companies is primarily technological: the solutions are now connected, enabling Domoscio to collect feedback data for each employee in real time to build individualized learning plans. More precisely, the employees within the company use 5Feedback mobile application to give feedback on the soft skills of their peers: as soon as enough feedback is collected to assess a person’s skills, the information is sent to Domoscio. In this way, when the employee logs in his or her learning platform (the company’s LMS), Domoscio solution recommends learning materials (physical or digital) adapted to the employee’s skills level and job requirements.The two partners provide companies with an all-in-one solution that enables them to implement a true feedback culture in the organization, encourages employees to think about their own proficiency of behavioral skills, allows them to get a rich assessment from several peers, and helps them find the most appropriate learning solution to their development needs.

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Domoscio specializes in data analysis for skills development. Its off-the-shelf solutions can be integrated into any company’s learning system to identify the profile and needs of each employee, provide them with an optimized learning path and support them in consolidating their skills over the long term.

5Feedback offers a solution for developing a feedback culture and measuring soft skills. The solution was created from the latest research in management and in partnership with experts from American universities and European business schools.