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La formation de demain sera un processus continu et itératif

Tomorrow’s learning will be a continuous and iterative process

How can Artificial Intelligence support learning? Benoit Praly, Cofounder of Domoscio, answers the questions of the French organization Opcalia in order to understand a new trend: Adaptive Learning.

Can you define Adaptive Learning and explain us how it works?

“The power of Adaptive Learning is its ability to collect and analyze data in order to know each person’s learning needs and propose a personalized path. In other terms, Adaptive Learning is for learning what Criteo is for advertising. […]

  • For training organizations: the objective is to complement their catalogue with innovative solutions to retain customers. Besides, it is a monitoring tool which allows to know the actual impact of their training courses.
  • For companies: the objective is usually to reduce training costs. Adaptive Learning allows to lower the overall time spent in training. Furthermore, it boosts the use of the implemented digital tools: the more personalized the learning experience is, the more engaging it is, which results in more learners returning to the platform.”

According to you, what will tomorrow’s learning look like?

“Tomorrow’s learning will be human-centric and skill-centric. Learning needs will be managed and anticipated with a centralized approach, supported by Artificial Intelligence. Those needs will then automatically be translated into personalized learning paths for each employee. […]

Ultimately, tomorrow’s learning will be a continuous and iterative process which will adapt to market requirements, jobs, skills… to propose relevant training courses and meet a central challenge: employability.”

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