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How to support deeper learning with technology

Use technology to leverage a high reach.

By supporting teachers and providing them with the essential tools to implement deeper learning methods, teachers and instructors get the opportunity to exchange experience and information with each other. This way, instructors are more powerful and effective compared to an individual work style. Sharing experience prevents colleagues from making the same mistakes or shows how to be more productive and thus can save time and energy. This connectivity can be an enormous change in our existing learning environment. Furthermore, by using additional tools like analytical programs, instructors can monitor their students, see their progress and have insights on how effective their training methods are.

Classrooms are striving for deeper learning.

Personalized skill building is one part of deeper learning and can be achieved through adapted learning paths. Implementing adaptive learning into the programs does not only facilitate the way someone is learning, but also adapts to the pace and individual needs of each student. But meeting the needs of every individual is extremely demanding for teachers and also not always feasible. The support of technology nowadays can provide the learner with the complementary teaching methods which everyone deserves. The advantage of Domoscio and its adaptive algorithms is that the learning paths provided by the solutions are not only based on the questions which the student has answered wrong or right. Domoscio goes into much deeper details like time spent or preferred learning material. Another advantage is that it is also time saving and more effective.

Preparing students for the future, not only for the exam.

What traditional teaching aims for is simply preparing students for exams and tests. In comparison, deeper learning focuses on something more far-reaching: getting students ready for the future challenges and jobs. Nevertheless, consolidating learning can be a difficult task for instructors to fulfill. Homework and assignments definitely help to retain the knowledge, but surely not for a long or lasting time. It is necessary that the content learned is shortly reviewed before it is forgotten. Therefore, Domoscio has developed a solution that works with spaced repetitions and adapts automatically to the learner´s individual pace and forgetting curve.

For more information on deeper learning and technology, please read the article “Deeper Learning Demands Deeper Leading – and Technology Can Help” on EdSurge.

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