• Results of using adaptive learning



The effectiveness of the solution

What can you expect from using adaptive learning solutions? Domoscio’s technology is based in research and sciences to deliver proven results.

As engineers and scientists that we are, we conduct regularly experimental protocols with our clients to demonstrate how the learning outcomes are improved.



Succesful Recommendations

81,6% of recommendations made by the adaptive learning mechanism are successful, allowing students to reach their learning objective.

Right Guidance

87% of recommendations made in a situation or task where a learner is repeatedly encountering difficulties are successful.





Spare Resources

37,1% of resources are spared, as inefficient use of such resources is prevented. Personalised learning plans mean that students advance more quickly

More Retention

79,3% of the whole training programme was remembered after a period of 3 months by those using the adaptive platform, versus only 28,1% of those not using the platform.



Increase Engagement

68% of people returned to the platform to practice the recommended exercises suggested by the adaptive learning solution, despite being under no obligation to do so.**


*Adaptive learning used in primary school courses: In June 2016, Domoscio ran a test based on its collaboration with a publisher providing courses in French, English and Maths for primary school in France. 400 students were involved in the test sample. The figures are calculated after two months of using Domoscio’s adaptive learning technology.

**Adaptive learning used in corporate training programmes: In July 2016, Domoscio observed the results of incorporating its adaptive technology into a blended learning environment encompassing management and sales training for 200 learners in the private sector.


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