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PI-IA: the Ministry of Education chooses Domoscio to implement its solutions

PI-IA: the Ministry of Education chooses Domoscio to implement its solutions

Domoscio and its consortium won the public tender launched by the French Ministry of Education “Innovation Partnership – Artificial Intelligence”. Our adaptive learning solutions will be implemented in the classrooms of primary schools to teach French.

In June 2018, the French Ministry of Education published an innovative public tender called PI-IA, standing for “Innovation Partnerships – Artificial Intelligence”. The objective is to implement AI solutions developed by EdTech companies to enhance learning in French and Mathematics in primary schools (students aged 6 to 8). More precisely, the PI-IA aims to develop and provide teachers with tools to personalize learning. It starts with an R&D (research and development) phase in the classrooms followed with a potential large-scale implementation.

Domoscio won this first phase with a consortium it leads. Our artificial intelligence solutions will be implemented and experimented in the classrooms of French primary schools to teach French and bring an adaptive learning approach. In terms of use, Domoscio solutions will:

  • Give teachers the right tools to assist them in analyzing, assessing and choosing learning activities
  • Guide each student in his/her learning path to recommend learning activities adapted to his/her profile, proficiency and pace

One main challenge of the project is to support educational teams in discovering and adapting to subjects related to AI and its use at school.


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