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New logo and new ambitions

Domoscio has evolved and changed its logo! This closes a busy year 2015: fundraising, global awards, international expansion…

Why have we changed our logo?

First of all, because Domoscio’s former logo had become outdated. The typography now better matches the image that the company conveys: a young and dynamic startup specialized in technology. Besides, for several practical reasons: the logo can now be used with different background colors and the pictogram has been simplified. Although it might have lost part of its meaning (neurons, connectivity, etc.), we compensate that with the graphical elements displayed on the website and on all our communication materials.

As you might have guessed, we have renewed not only our logo but also all our communication materials. The content has been updated and the graphic charter has been enhanced. Therefore we suggest that you go and have a look at our new website domoscio.com, which is now easier to browse and provides a more direct access to relevant information. But Domoscio’s renewal goes further: new brochures, new business cards, new t-shirts… and new catchphrase: “Big Data for learning”. In summary, today Domoscio relies on communication materials which match its innovative EdTech startup image.

logo domoscio in three formats

What is new in 2016?

The past months have been quite busy. 2015 was the year of recognition. We had the chance of being interviewed by the Agence France-Presse (AFP) and BFM Business in August, and mentioned in Forbes México. Then Domoscio stood out by winning several awards. Reimagine Education 2015, the global event which identifies innovative higher education pedagogies enhancing learning and employability, gave Domoscio the bronze award in the category “Learning Assessment”. Furthermore, Domoscio won the Continental Europe Global EdTech Startups Awards 2015 (GESA2015), the initiative that aims at identifying and highlighting the world’s most promising EdTech startups.

And Domosico has new ambitions for 2016! The innovative projects launched with the university Paris Descartes and the Banque de France (among others) were just the beginning and we do not intend to stop. The team has grown, our catalogue of products has expanded (with the addition of an adaptive learning solution) and the growth has accelerated, among other reasons due to a first fundraising of 250 K€. 2016 will also be the year of Domoscio’s international expansion, already started in September 2015. After entering the Spanish market in November during the event Digital Sisters, which aims to bring the best of French innovation to Spain, Domoscio exhibited at Bett Show in London from 20th to 23rd January 2016. Our presence at the world’s leading EdTech event allowed us to identify new potential clients and partners, a second key step in our international expansion.

Contact us! We look forward to reading your comments on our new logo.


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