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Join us at the Paris WiMLDS & RecSysFR meetup - January 23rd

Join us at the Paris WiMLDS & RecSysFR meetup – January 23rd

The teams of Paris WiMLDS (Women in Machine Learning & Data Science) and RecSysFR (Recommender Systems) organize their meetup Wednesday 23rd January 2019, in Criteo offices. This event will gather a community of researchers, engineers, statisticians. Our PhD candidate, Marie Sacksick, will be a speaker on a panel and present a recommendation system.

This meetup is made for AI and machine learning fanatics and people who care about good recommendations. Join the conference of Marie Sacksick, PhD candiate at Domoscio.

Recommendation Systems for Learning – Challenges and Solutions

“A recommender system is used to guide a user so as to find an item when there are too many of them. In case of learning, it aims at recommending the best learning content for the user given his parameters.
In this presentation, she will highlight the differences between the challenges faced when constructing a “classical” recommender system and a personalized recommender system for learning, and how the solutions to these challenges must be different.”


32 rue Blanche,
75009 Paris


Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Conference at 19:40

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