Domoscio accompanies you throughout the integration process. We map out the options available and the possible solutions, making recommendations that suit your requirements.

To setup our adaptive learning solutions, three points have to be addressed:

  • The existing content
  • The digital environment
  • The different users
  • All the data available

Domoscio offers an integrated solution that fits all of your content to increase their value by providing access to customized learning resources. Three possible ways to advise you:


Consists of a functional, technical and teaching material analysis to evaluate and plan the actions needed.


Execution of the functional and technical action plan. For some LMS, it is just the activation of the functionality.


Consulting services that allow the operational reliability of the method: Creation and structuration of content, training, business model advisory, support instructional designers, instructors and teachers, HR integration, etc.

White label
A powerful platform made for you

Our white label is a platform developed in-house. It offers an interface to easily edit and distribute learning content.

The white label is designed in such a way it can be personalized according to your needs and it is available as a web site and mobile app.

Integrate where you want

Domoscio offers an external, standardized and stable programming interface (API) that naturally complements your current tools and solutions.

The Application Programming Interface has been designed to be easily available in the form of a web service. The API allows to integrate our solution in an existing online learning environment. The API can be integrated in different LMS, platforms or mobile apps.


Interoperability made easier

In the last years the number of solutions have increased. The challenge is to scale and connect all these solutions and platforms to have a unique and friendly learning experience between all the different components.

With more connected and heteregenous digital learning ecosystems, Domoscio integrates the platforms and solutions using the connectivity standards of the market such as xAPI, Caliper, LTI, QTI and so forth.


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