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How can Big Data boost business success?

Coordinating the training and development with business needs is one core challenge which both global HR directors and training managers have in common. As a matter of fact, the education and training methods have to be adapted to our modern and fast-paced environment in order to provide a visible impact for the business.

Evident signs put forward that training is not correctly aligned with the business needs of the companies. Once too often, it is the realization which matters. Increasing efficiency, productivity, engagement and business responsiveness are highly pursued goals, but unfortunately not always achieved. So the question which pops up is: what can we do in order to change this?

Big Data. Big outcome.

By properly processing, implementing and using Big Data, one can efficiently work with the given information. The most common activity is to track the improvement and progress of the learner, but working with Big Data also allows to obtain better and more effective communication, updating the training programs and improving learning outcomes. One solution for corporations which want to get the most out of Big Data is using Domoscio´s adaptive learning algorithms. It works smoothly and is easily integrated into the existing platform to create personalized learning paths for each learner by combining cognitive science AND Big Data.

Furthermore, it is also possible to track or prove the gained knowledge of each learner. Powerful learning analytics like those of Domoscio give meaningful insights into the understanding of each learner. Provided with this information, HR workers have now more control and also get more feedback on what they and the employees do.

The revolution in technology will always be present, thus it is necessary to react and constantly adapt to the environment if one wants to stay in the market. Especially when it comes to advanced vocational training, it is now more important than ever before that employees and learners are provided with the best and most effective learning material. Offering solely books and manuscripts is out-of-date. Adaptive learning and personalization is now the key word to success.

If you want to learn more about it, please read the article “Transforming learning to meet business needs” on Training Journal.


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