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Les start-up RH les plus prometteuses en 2018

Five reasons to focus on adaptive learning in 2018

ExclusiveRH tells us about the combination of cognitive science, data and artificial intelligence, through an interview with Ivan Ostrowicz, co-founder of Domoscio. Here are the undeniable advantages of adaptive learning.

“As Ivan Ostrowicz, co-founder of Domoscio explains, artificial intelligence re-analyzes the situation each time it has a new data. It then proposes a more adapted learning path. No risk of lingering too long on a concept already mastered or on the contrary to miss a gap. […]

An alert engine helps advise HR, instructors or managers when all strategies to help the employee to advance have failed, so they can implement a human action. The goal is to avoid dropout by intervening even before the risk arises. […]

In addition to the already appreciable fact of having more and more skilled staff at an individual level, adaptive learning is also a way to visualize the entire training process in order to better manage it and obtain better results, while controlling costs.”

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