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How e-learning meets vocational training expectations

E-learning not only entered the classrooms of schools and universities but also became popular in vocational training. In comparison to traditional class coaching, e-learning brings along several advantages, like its wide accessibility. Which other expectations does e-learning fulfill?

Convenience & Effectiveness
By being connected to the internet, one can do the study lectures anywhere, at any time. As every individual has different attention spans during the day, the employee can decide when he is most concentrated and motivated for completing a learning module. Besides, learning consolidation solutions ensure that the already established knowledge is not forgotten after a specific time. Employees receive short spaced reminders depending on their learning pace.

Accessibility & Connectivity
A company can set up or use an existing e-learning platform so that people can exchange valuable information. In this way, collaboration is pushed, which strengthens the company´s internal networking cohesion. Besides, some e-learning platforms are accessible as web apps, tablet apps and smartphone apps.

Reduced Costs & Efficiency
Furthermore, it is easier and less costly if every employee learns independently. It takes a lot of time (and money) to gather and train a team of employees, while they could actually spend their time working. By using adaptive learning solutions, employees can learn more efficiently and successfully. The learning material which the employee receives is perfectly tailored to his needs so that the assimilation of knowledge is enhanced.

E-learning is not only cost-efficient but also convenient for employees to reach training goals. Combining e-learning with smart solutions can bring out the best of a learning session. Thereupon, e-learning indeed meets the expectations of a successful vocational training.

For more information about e-learning in vocational training please read the article “Five things you never guessed eLearning could accomplish in the onboarding process” on Smart Business.

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