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Is education technology going to replace traditional teaching?

The history of traditional teaching is rooting back thousands of years ago. Knowledge was accumulated and passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years until now. However, during the last decade, technology evolved at such a rapid pace that nowadays, e-learning platforms and other educational devices are said be able to replace teachers easily. But is that really true?

How did it come that far?
Thanks to technology, we are now able to do things which we could not have dreamed of a hundred years ago. Its rapid evolution revolutionized countless parts of our lives, including education. But how strong is the influence of technology on our school system? Although technology can facilitate certain tasks for a teacher, like evaluating test results and fulfilling different learning needs via adaptive learning methods, the teacher still plays a vital role in the school day of an elementary or high school student. No matter how far technology percolates in the educational sector, it won’t be able to replace something as vital as a CLEP Study Guide. Social developments like the right behavior in classrooms and social skills are taught by the teacher. Furthermore, it is the role of the teacher to motivate and encourage his students.

And what about higher education?
As a matter of fact, the learning environment in school is different from the one at university. Once a student enters university, it is mainly about theory and specialization and less about social integrity and class participation. It is typical that the professor has a loose relation to his students and students can work more independently. For that, students have to show high self-management skills and be able to work independently but also in a team. Having a closer look at those circumstances, we can find out that technology in higher education also has a positive impact.

Here is why…
First of all, education technology like adaptive learning tools can help the students learn faster Adaptive tools can do what a teacher in a classroom with several hundreds of students can´t: focus on each student’s weaknesses and adapt to his learning needs. Secondly, by being connected to an e-learning platform, students can collaborate and share important information with their classmates, which often saves a lot of time. Furthermore, via learning analytics students can have a direct and insightful feedback on their homework, exams and their overall performance and development. By diminishing these student barriers, technology actually facilitate the learning process.

For more information about education technology in higher education please read the article “Education Technology Latest News & Updates: EdTech Disrupting Higher Education?” on Parent Herald.

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