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The EdTech market is no longer just about LMS vendors

For more than a decade, LMS vendors were one of the main EdTech market players in higher education, with a few leaders such as Blackboard and D2L. Today, some startups are reshaping the industry.

During the 2000s, one of the challenges for higher ed institutions was choosing the right Learning Management System (LMS). Despite the large number of LMS providers, just a few stood out: Blackboard, Canvas, D2L or even the open-source alternative Moodle. Many other vendors tried to enter the market but most of them struggled or failed.

But the needs of higher ed institutions have changed. While a decade ago they just needed to make their courses available online, they are now seeking new solutions which will actually enhance the user experience and the learning outcomes. New trends have appeared: blended learning, flipped classroom, social learning, gamification, adaptive learning… The objective is to create an environment which includes all those solutions. And for institutions, not having access to one of these functionalities has become a reason for switching to another platform.

How adaptive learning is reshaping the EdTech market

For the LMS vendors which want to overtake the market leaders, integrating technologies such as adaptive learning is essential to get market shares. In fact, while teachers cannot adapt their lessons to each student even in a classroom of 30, adaptive learning automatically provides each student with the most adapted learning path according to his needs, level, preferences and pace. By learning at their own pace, students avoid frustration and reach their highest capabilities in the smallest amount of time.

The EdTech market is changing and adaptive learning technologies are now part of it. In addition to actually enhancing the learning outcomes, it empowers teachers by giving them appropriate tools to follow the learning process.

Read the article “The LMS market glacier is melting” on TechCrunch.

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