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Why is e-learning the winner of the educational revolution?

During the last 100 years, almost every part of our society has undergone a technical revolution. Whether in the business sector or in the health care sector, technology is continually developing and influences our daily life. Taking into account that the educational services have been in technological gap so far, this field is now catching up rather quickly.

But while white boards, tablets and 3D printers are struggling to conquer the classrooms of the younger generation and to revolutionize the teaching methods, e-learning tools have become a very popular and successful enrichment to the learning environment.

The benefits of e-learning are easily explained:

  • The student can read up on the information online,
  • The student can practice whenever he wants to,
  • It is cost-effective and saves time for both teachers and students.

Further benefits can be obtained by implementing Domoscio´s adaptive learning algorithm into the existing e-learning platform. The system dynamically adjusts to the skills and the abilities of each student resulting that the learning path will be personalized and adapted for each student in order to optimize the assimilation of knowledge.

Nevertheless, e-learning will only have a lasting outcome if the theory is repeated on an individual basis, otherwise the content will be forgotten very soon. Domoscio facilitates this step by providing an efficient learning consolidation solution, which is based on a spaced repetition of assignments.

An e-learning platform becomes finally successful when the teacher is able to keep track of his students´ progress, like in a real classroom. Once more, Domoscio meets the needs and provides useful learning analytics which give precious insights into the learning development of the students.

E-learning is an essential part of education nowadays and will become even more important and more complex. Technology is the crucial factor for a successful and renowned platform, which is exactly the aim of Domoscio.

For more information, read the article: “Technologies from classroom to e-learning” on elearnmag.


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