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Domoscio plugin labeled by Moodle

The plugin from Domoscio for Moodle is now available for Moodle plugins. Get the plugin and benefit now easily from the learning consolidation!

What is Moodle ?

Moodle is an open source online learning platform (LMS), whose philosophy is to support the interaction within the community in the creation and acquisition of knowledge. Moodle allows to create online courses using a modular approach consisting of resources and activities, as well as interact with users via communication and exchange tools.

Founded in 1999 by Martin Dougiamas as part of his PhD, the platform is one of the most used in the world -including Universities- because of its open source aspect, but also because of its openness for developers who are able to extend core functionalities by creating plugin activities .

Moodle has grown over the time, has now reached version 3.1 and includes in particular competence based learning.


Domoscio, known for the use of Big Data for learning, provides a consolidation solution which facilitates revisions and retention of educational content, offering adapted revision plans for each term at a suitable time adapted to the learning pace of each student.

The adaptive learning consolidation on Moodle as a plugin from Domoscio for Moodle.

Domoscio for Moodle uses Moodle´s course content and existing activities on a Moodle platform to offer students a possibility where they can assess their notions of a class by doing tests (Quizzes, SCORM activities …). Depending on the results, reminder dates (or revision) will be optimally adapted to retain the information permanently.

Domoscio for Moodle is perfectly integrated in the Moodle environment:

  • The plugins from Domoscio automatically collect the contents of the resource being connected to it: for example, a notion consolidation will be created for each chapter of a “book” resource.
  • Questions arising from Moodle activities can be used to create revision courses for each established concept. Whether it is a quiz or activity of a SCORM package, these activities are then proposed in the plugin environment.
  • Specific questions can be created specially for consolidating and can be stored in the question bank of the plugin.
  • Each test refers to a part of a resource of the course. Thus, if the student does not properly assimilated a concept, he can instantly return to the resource and review it.
  • Future revision dates, which are calculated at the end of a test session, are automatically added to the user’s personal calendar, which is included in Moodle. Coupled with an alert email plugin for Moodle events, this service offers a real support to the student.
  • The trainer can edit the course of revision via its interface. He can also view the statistics to assess the understanding and retention of the knowledge.

…Labeled by MOODLE

The plugin Domoscio for Moodle has been tested and validated by the Moodle teams, making it available in a free version on the Moodle plugins since June 8th, 2016. This validation means that Domoscio has met the requirements for Moodle for adding third party plugins. This ensures a perfect integration with the platform. This recognition also highlights the relevance of the plugin´s features and overall experience.

NEXT steps

The second version of the plugin is already in development! In addition to improvements in performance and a simplified installation procedure it will use the Moodle skills API to perform the consolidation not only on basic courses but also on the skills to achieve. In this way it can validate the acquisition of the skills in the Moodle system.

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