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Domoscio et le Collège Polytechnique International signent un partenariat dédié à l’intelligence artificielle pour l’apprentissage humain - Adaptive Learning ancrage adaptatif mémoriel

Domoscio and the Collège Polytechnique International announce their collaboration

Domoscio and the Collège Polytechnique International sign a partnership dedicated to artificial intelligence for human learning.


Saving time, personalizing content and forms of learning, automatically programmed spaced repetition for efficient progression, we will not train tomorrow as we are today.

Domoscio and the Collège Polytechnique International announce their collaboration. The two entities created, in April 2018, a joint chair to combine their efforts and participate in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of education and training and, more particularly, the adaptive learning.

The objectives of the Chair’s work will include publications about AI applied to learning and the implementation of pilot experiments. Ivan Ostrowicz, Domoscio’s CEO and co-founder said: “This partnership reinforces our close collaboration with the scientific and research community in Europe, as well as our work with laboratories in Spain and France. “

Charles-Henri Russon, Director of Continuing Education Programs at Collège Polytechnique, underlines the importance of informing HR directors and managers not only of the potential of these new intelligent approaches but of the first concrete applications that make training journeys more relevant and much more enjoyable to follow.


Founded in 2013, Domoscio specializes in artificial intelligence for human learning. It offers solutions from Adaptive Learning and Learning Consolidation to optimize and personalize each learner’s path.

Domoscio counts among its references companies (Renault, Bouygues Telecom …), training organizations (EFE, IFCAM …), content editors (Hatier, Editions Didier …) and publishers of LMS (Xperteam, Dokeos …). She works closely with research laboratories such as KDIS (Spain) and CHArt-Lutin (France).

ABOUT THE Collège Polytechnique International

With more than 18 laboratories and specialized centers, the Collège Polytechnique combines technology, innovation and management in a rich, innovative and exciting way to live and share.

The Collège Polytechnique is also an increasingly lifelong training. Adult training, high level, drawing their richness in all the variety of pedagogies and in all the diversity of human exchanges.

Programs ranging from the very high performance to the factory 4.0 through cooperation in teams or architecture and urbanization of business.

The Collège Polytechnique International is also a publishing house of virtual online communities.

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