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Domoscio et InTeach s’associent pour de l’Adaptive Learning sur smartphone

Domoscio and InTeach partner up for Adaptive Learning on smartphones

Great news in the EdTech sector! Domoscio and InTeach are pleased to announce their partnership to develop a complete Adaptive Learning solution on mobile devices.

Mobility and personalization are two major challenges to engage learners. The start-ups Domoscio and InTeach have decided to partner up in order to combine those two concepts. Launched in 2016, InTeach provides a mobile learning solution based on micro-learning and gamification. With a drag-and-drop authoring tool that enables to publish new content in real time, InTeach makes it more flexible and simple for companies to train their employees on mobile devices.

The content is organized in short lessons and can be consulted offline to allow users to learn every day, whether they are on the subway, at home or waiting for their next appointment. The application is implemented as a white label so that academic institutions and companies can enhance their brand image for their customers and their employees.

Created in 2013, Domoscio is the European leader in Adaptive Learning. This technology, which includes artificial intelligence, consists in making use of the learner data generated on online platforms – such as LMSs – in order to provide each person with the best path to achieve his learning objectives. More specifically, Domoscio’s Adaptive Learning consist of:

  • A recommendation engine which provides the learner with the most adapted learning modules and teaching resources according to his profile;
  • An learning consolidation engine which provides the learner with a personalized revision plan according to his needs;
  • An alert engine which sends the right information at the right time to the different users (learner, teacher, trainer, manager…).

Two innovative and complementary learning approaches

Mainly used on web applications, Adaptive Learning now widely turns to mobile devices . The partnership between the two start-ups aims to integrate Domoscio’s Adaptive Learning solutions into InTeach’s mobile interfaces in order to offer an even more comprehensive system to academic institutions and companies. The experience is transparent for the final user as he navigates InTeach’s environment. However, Domoscio adds its intelligence by complementing this environment with new innovative functionalities.

At a time when learning engagement is essential for different reasons – reducing the share of face-to-face training, reducing the overall time spent in training, enhancing skills development and monitoring, etc. – Domoscio and InTeach collaborate on a product to meet the education challenges.

About InTeach
InTeach is a white label mobile learning platform to distribute educational microcontent on smartphones, anywhere, anytime.

About Domoscio
Domoscio is specialized in Adaptive Learning. Founded in 2013, it is a major player in the EdTech sector that provides adaptive technologies to meet the education challenges.


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