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Dokeos collaborates with Domoscio’s solution

Dokeos and Domoscio announce their partnership! You can now benefit from Learning Consolidation integrated in the LMS Dokeos.

“To increase knowledge retention, choose tailored revision programs. Indeed, the more the revisions are adapted to the learning pace and modes of each learner, the better! […]

To imagine your personalized revision programs, you can count on a shock ally: the Learning Consolidation algorithm designed by Domoscio, a start-up specializing in artificial intelligence for learning. This algorithm, calculated from the forgetting curve, allows to define a personalized revision plan for each learner. […]

The forgetting speed and the profile of the learner are estimated according to the data collected during the learners’ experience. And the results are here: the rate of knowledgeretention is three times as high thanks to Domoscio. It is 79% after three months (against only 28% without Domoscio). […]

The start-up has just been listed among the 12 essential French start-ups in EdTech. Last year, at the end of 2016, Domoscio received the award “Trophées Europe 1 de l’Avenir” in the category Education of Tomorrow. On the customer side, it has some prestigious major accounts including Renault, Castorama and Bouygues Telecom.”

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