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Entreprises et Etat : modernisation et modes de collaboration

Companies and State: modernization and modes of collaboration

In the french article Eco Réseau Business, discover the impacts of new innovations and how education and new technologies is evolving. Domoscio is one of its actors who play a role in the evolution of learning.

“Another subject that seems still in its infancy, that of pedagogical innovation linked to the latest technologies: Domoscio, a specialist in adaptive learning, seems to be one of the world leaders on this subject and the French champion. “We wanted to develop a SaaS solution that uses Big Data and machine learning to create personalized learning paths in order to learn more easily and above all to create a tailor-made review path,” says Ivan Ostrowicz, co-founder and CEO of Domoscio.
Benoît Praly, the other co-founder, adds: “Adaptive learning is for institutions and companies that already have an education repository or a system of job skills. Our solution works independently of the content and the user. But we must ask ourselves the question of its insertion in a larger device. We work with CAC 40 companies, students, 4th graders. We propose an alert system when remediation is necessary. But the human relay must then be done. A major innovation at a time when the individualization of courses becomes a priority in both primary and continuing education.”

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