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Is education technology going to replace traditional teaching?

The history of traditional teaching is rooting back thousands of years ago. Knowledge was accumulated and passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years until now. However, during the last decade, technology evolved at such a rapid pace that nowadays, e-learning platforms and other educational devices are said be able to replace teachers easily. But is that really true?


What proof for adaptive learning?

During the last months, critics heavily picked on adaptive learning courseware and its effectiveness. However, while there is proof that adaptive learning works, the individual courseware and systems are considered as not trustworthy enough. But why?


Domoscio at Viva Technology

From the 30th of June until 2nd of July, Viva Technology brings the world´s most innovative startups together!

During this event, Domoscio has been selected to pitch on the challenge “The Classroom by 2025” by Dojo Group & SKEMA. A financial incentive of 10k€ is waiting, among others prizes, for the winner of the challenge.


How microlearning can push employees’ efficiency

What is microlearning?
Microlearning is the breaking down of information into very small and comprehensive parts and split into short learning sessions. The purpose is using the limited concentration capacity of the learners and providing them with tiny bits of information which can be quickly picked up by the student. Instead of long reviewing hours and tough study material, microlearning puts the focus on easily digestible content and short reviewing times in order to get the most out of a learning session.


Why adaptive learning is not always adaptive

A few years ago, “adaptive learning” became the favored phrase for many EdTech companies. There is plenty of hot air about what adaptive learning is and what it can do. What most companies and people unfortunately don´t know is that adaptive learning is actually more than just personalized learning paths resulting from the test results.


What the future is holding for us: Bill Gates and his standpoint

When you think about personalized learning, what is the first thing that comes up on your mind? In an interview with Bill Gates, he revealed what he thinks about the future of personalized learning and how it will affect the education system.


Is it time for schools to implement adaptive learning?

In a real life example, two schools with two different technology standards clash with each other and attract the attention when the father confronts his child´s teacher and talks about education. While adaptive learning software is commonly used in the one school, the other school – which the child attends- knows barely about that rising technology. The discussion about whether education methods should be changed or not, has started.



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