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UX design

UX design in learning: combining substance and form

For years now, digital has been firmly rooted in our lives. For us end users, interfaces are its ultimate embodiment. As users’ digital gateway to communicate with the program they are using, interfaces have imposed their codes but, over time, they have also had to adapt to user requirements. UX design covers concepts of ergonomics and usability. This domain aims to think services by placing the user at the heart of the reflection, thus increasing their involvement when browsing a software.



Domoscio starts 2018 with an ever more complete offer. In 2017, the R & D team focused on two new features. It’s time to introduce them!


The EdTech market is no longer just about LMS vendors

For more than a decade, LMS vendors were one of the main EdTech market players in higher education, with a few leaders such as Blackboard and D2L. Today, some startups are reshaping the industry.


Microsoft Bizspark adaptive learning et ancrage adaptatif mémoriel

BizSpark: Domoscio supported by Microsoft

In June 2016, Domoscio was chosen to be part of Microsoft BizSpark! The program aims to support the most innovative startups by giving them visibility and technological support.


The role of adaptive learning in our education system

Behind all the adaptive learning babble, which was highly stimulated by the industry lately, there is more than just technology and science. Yes, it is about personalizing the learning paths according to each learner’s needs. However, its multifarious impacts root so much deeper than we always get to hear. Let me explain…


Adaptive learning on the march in American Universities

More Universities are investing in Adaptive Learning. Lately, Adaptive Learning has attracted 7 Universities in the United States which have now received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for a three-year project. Each of the seven Universities will receive $515,000 from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities´ which is part of the Adaptive Courseware Grant Program.


How e-learning meets vocational training expectations

E-learning not only entered the classrooms of schools and universities but also became popular in vocational training. In comparison to traditional class coaching, e-learning brings along several advantages, like its wide accessibility. Which other expectations does e-learning fulfill?


Big Data analytics and the potential for companies

With Big Data we usually mean such a big amount of data that it is not possible anymore to treat the data in a usual way. Thus, Big Data sets are analyzed by special algorithms which identify and sort the usable information and display it in a comprehensible manner. Many companies started to work with Big Data as they have seen the huge potential in it.


Is education technology going to replace traditional teaching?

The history of traditional teaching is rooting back thousands of years ago. Knowledge was accumulated and passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years until now. However, during the last decade, technology evolved at such a rapid pace that nowadays, e-learning platforms and other educational devices are said be able to replace teachers easily. But is that really true?



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