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learners upskilling

Benefits of Domoscio solutions #1: the learner

Corporate training, which for a long time was confined to the classroom format, has evolved in line with the technological advances (including AI). However, in spite of a deep field transformation, learning is struggling to meet some challenges: as it is often mass-deployed, sometimes not very engaging or too long, these factors significantly reduce its efficiency, at the expense of learners whose desire is to make learning match their own expectations and needs.


integrating our AI solutions to your LMS

AI in your LMS: integration made easier for an optimal learning experience

Six months ago, Domoscio announced the release of the v3 of its platform. One of the major new features is the possibility to easily and autonomously integrate Domoscio’s artificial intelligence solutions with an existing learning platform. Here is all you need to know about this functionality and the learning experience which you can achieve.


Eurogroup Consulting

Domoscio wins the Mob’Tech

In May, Eurogroup Consulting launched a new season of its competition Mob’Tech. Domoscio won the contest alongside Beedeez, Bloomin, Immersive Experience and Les Feux d’Optimisme.



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