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contenu visuel apprentissages

Why visual content is essential in learning

We are constantly exposed to visual content on Internet and in mass media: in the social networks which use this format  like Facebook or Instagram – the digital media which publish videos or even online advertisements. Why is this type of content chosen so often? What impact does it have on the audience and how can we take advantage of it in learning and particularly digital learning? +

learning AI

Learning: how AI can help us get through the crisis

While many companies are wondering what their activity will look like in the future, some fields have already started reinventing themselves to adapt to the crisis and minimize its impacts. Where does learning and development stand?​+

learner modeling

Why should companies better profile their learners

The era of Data has led to a lot of new possibilities in the fields of human resources and learning and development. Indeed, companies seem to be increasingly interested in profiling their employees with regards to learning or, in other words, in learner modeling. We talk about Learning Analytics: the analysis of learning-related data to improve a learning system. 


adaptive learning

How companies have got to grips with Adaptive Learning technologies

Adaptive learning technologies have been around for a while now. With a first appearance at the end of the 2000s, higher education was the first to benefit from it with very successful use cases. For several years, companies have also got to grips with adaptive learning to individualize learning with a skills-based approach. Let’s take a look back at the evolution of this key technology.


smart data in learning & development market

How artificial intelligence has entered the Learning & Development market

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Learning & Development (L&D) is a matter of debate as some do not see the potential of “Big Data” in this field: the data is abundant but sometimes hard to collect and rarely qualified. Then, why not talk about “Smart Data” instead?



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