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Big Data for learning: Domoscio raises 250K€ to expand

The French start-up Domoscio, which combines cognitive science with Big Data to provide adaptive learning solutions, just raised 250,000 euros to boost its international expansion.

Winner of the Continental Europe Global EdTech Startups Awards 2015* that aim at identifying and highlighting the world’s most promising EdTech start-ups, Domoscio is a French start-up that provides adaptive learning solutions. Created in 2013 by Benoit Praly and Ivan Ostrowicz, Domoscio just raised 250,000 euros with the Belgian investment fund Inventures.

The start-up is specialized in adaptive learning SaaS solutions. Its algorithms combine cognitive science with the power of Big Data to provide learning paths adapted to each person. Domoscio offers innovative solutions based on:

  • Adaptive learning to create smart learning paths adapted to the learner’s needs,
  • Adaptive memorization to optimize the consolidation of knowledge and boost skills development,
  • Learning analytics to individually follow each learner’s progress.

Domoscio’s solutions make you learn faster and remember longer. The technology allows publishers to adapt their digital content to each learner, academic institutions to personalize learning and follow their students’ progress, e-learning platforms to enhance their features with adaptive learning, and corporations to follow the training’s return on investment.

This fundraising enables Domoscio to keep innovating and boost its international expansion, starting with Spain and the United Kingdom. The start-up will exhibit at Bett Show 2016 (stand BFS5) and looks forward to meeting new customers and partners.

* The Global EdTech Startups Awards 2015 were organized in partnership with MindCET (Center for Innovation in Education Technology) and Edtech UK, among others.


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