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Big Data analytics and the potential for companies

With Big Data we usually mean such a big amount of data that it is not possible anymore to treat the data in a usual way. Thus, Big Data sets are analyzed by special algorithms which identify and sort the usable information and display it in a comprehensible manner. Many companies started to work with Big Data as they have seen the huge potential in it.

But why is Big Data so popular now?

One outstanding advantage of Big Data in business learning is that the return on investment can be predicted. By making use of Big Data it is possible to tell which learning methods are effective and which are not. Subsequently, when the learning path is adapted to the learner, he or she needs less time on practicing, which saves the company money by avoiding superfluous training time.

Furthermore, if an employee has a major lack in a specific topic, this can be spotted quicker when looking into the learning results of Big Data. Therefore, data analytics can hunt up the missing links, which can be fixed by adapting the learning path accordingly.

Besides, visualization plays a significant role in the learning experience. If Big Data is properly treated, it is possible to extract and display insightful information about the learning process of each individual learner. This can be especially beneficial not only for the upper management but also for the employees themselves. Having the information about someone’s own strengths and weaknesses allows to optimize the learning process and can enhance motivation.

The whole company- from the employees, the HR management up to the upper management- can benefit from the use of Big Data and data analytics. Accurate insights and predictions empower the employees and enables them to achieve better results, which drives the company’s performance.

For more information about Big Data in business learning, read the article “Why Big Data analytics is a big boon for organisational learning” on Tech2.

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