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Adaptive learning on the march in American Universities

More Universities are investing in Adaptive Learning. Lately, Adaptive Learning has attracted 7 Universities in the United States which have now received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for a three-year project. Each of the seven Universities will receive $515,000 from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities´ which is part of the Adaptive Courseware Grant Program.

The foreseen goal according to a news release is to use adaptive courseware in high-enrollment, blended learning courses and in programs, which ought to improve student success. As PLC Executive Director Meaghan Duff said, she believes that “personalizing learning (..) with adaptive courseware can lead to better student outcomes within programs and increased degree attainment across higher education.”

Outlook for adaptive technology in Europe
Adaptive learning is not only evolving in America, but also in Europe there is a lot going on around it. The growth potential in Europe for Education technology is enormous as the governments are strongly pushing towards digitalization in schools.[1] The high potential in European EdTech can be experienced at trade shows like BETT in the UK or at several other events around cities like Paris or Berlin where different talented start-up companies show their skills and inventive products.

For more information about Adaptive Learning in Universities please read the article “7 Universities receive Grants to implement Adaptive Learning at Scale” on Campustechnology.

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[1] Raffaela Rein, “The 20 Edtech Startups Changing Education in Europe”. Edsurge, 2015


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