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2017 - A promising first half-year for Domoscio

2017 – A promising first half-year for Domoscio

The first half-year of 2017 is a real turning point for Domoscio, orders have tripled compared to the whole year of 2016, especially with the signature of new contracts in France, Spain and Switzerland.

In November 2015 we announced a fundraising to develop internationally, since then a long way has been traveled with results proving that Domoscio and its solutions of “adaptive learning” are recognized by its customers and partners.

In France, the Edition Formation Entreprise (EFseE) subsidiary of the continuing education group Abilways launched a project in collaboration with Domoscio. Indeed, Abilways decided to integrate Adaptive Learning into its training offer, specially as part of its project manager certified training.
Other major groups have also decided to trust us. Still in the training sector, we can count on the IFCAM, the University of Crédit Agricole, a group being part of the CAC 40, the benchmark French stock market index. In the industrial sector, it is with Renault, another group of the CAC 40, that Domoscio collaborates.

A successful Internationalization

2017 also marks a successful internationalization for Domoscio. In Spain, the Edebé group, a publishing house and P.A.U Education, specialist in education and communication, have also decided to call on Domoscio. Edebé and Domoscio join forces in the European IMAILE project to improve STEM education and learning through technology. Both collaborate in the creation of the AMIGO Learning Platform, a cloud-based learning environment for primary and secondary education.
Similarly, Domoscio partners P.A.U Education in its collaboration with the BBVA Foundation and their program “Valores de futuro” for the training of young people in financial and economic culture.
Other projects are being signed in Spain and will soon see the light of day.

In Switzerland, Domoscio works with several clients for the implementation of adaptive learning in vocational training.

Trends are merging

In these first 6 months of the year, trends are emerging: whether they are content publishers or vocational training organizations, they have decided to integrate Adaptive Learning into their offer in order to meet an increasing demand for this kind of technology to better meet their digital challenges and issues.

In the field of continuing education, adaptive learning comes at a time when there are already many forms of training: face-to-face, e-learning, blended learning, MOOCs, SPOCs, serious games … And it is not there for replace them. The main challenge is therefore to integrate into an existing training system and an existing digital environment.

Content publishers are also turning to this technology that adds value to their content and creates new products tailored to individual needs through Adaptive Learning. So they adapt to digital changes.

Equally important, Human Resources also uses Adaptive Learning. Whether to modernize their training courses with digital tools or train employees to cope with the evolutions of functions and professions, HR is accompanied by Domoscio in their digital transformation.

A new fundraising under preparation

After successfully raising funds in 2015 which enabled Domoscio to accelerate its international development, we will once again raise funds to accelerate our R & D projects and continue to innovate.

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